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Buyback Information

End of Semester Buyback

The End of Semester Buyback is when The Panther Shop buys books for the following semester during finals week of the fall and spring semesters. This is where students can get up to half of their money back. We will pay up to 50% of the book’s price provided the textbook is being used on campus for the upcoming term, is within our in-store quota, has not gone into a new edition and is in reusable condition.

Textbooks that do not meet the above criteria may be purchased by the bookstore for a used book wholesaler at prices determined by the wholesaler. If we’ve reached our in-store quota for a given book, the price will shift to that of the wholesaler.

Wholesaler Buyback

The Wholesaler Buyback is when The Panther Shop purchases books on behalf of a used book wholesaler. We offer this program year round with a temporary suspension during the beginning of each semester. During this buyback customers are paid based on national demand for the title. To sell your books during the semester please visit the textbook buyer’s office in The Panther Shop.


To get top dollar for your book, try to make sure you get within our quota by arriving as early as possible during final’s week. You do not have to sell all of your books at the same time. If you purchased your books somewhere else your books will be worth the same as someone who purchased them in The Panther Shop. Most of the time when a book goes into a new edition The Panther Shop and/or our wholesaler will not buy the book back. There are exceptions as some classes still use older editions.

Some classes are only taught once a year or to rephrase this, every other semester. To get the most money out of your books you may have to wait and sell them during the next buyback during final’s week.